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Interested in joining the DevRoom freelancing/staff team? Take a look below to understand the application process and what positions are available!

How to Apply

The process to become a freelancer at DevRoom is simple and straightforward


Open an Application

Create an application entering some basic information about yourself and your experience.


Get Interviewed

Have a discussion and perform question/answer dialogue with a professional application manager.


Complete the Trial

Complete a trial project showcasing your skills and experience to be accepted.


Welcome to The Team!

Start setting up your freelancer profile to begin accepting commissions.

Available Positions

We have a large variety of roles you can apply for. If your skills can't be grouped in one of the positions below, join our Careers Discord and open a support ticket!

Plugin Developer

Minecraft Plugin Developer

Code and assemble plugins for games and alterations to Minecraft.


Minecraft Builder & Terraformer

Create architecture, creations, and natural landscapes in Minecraft.


Minecraft Server Configurator

Fix or add alterations to plugins and in-game features in Minecraft.


Graphic Designer

Create design work including logos, thread designs, banners etc. for businesses and clients.



Make beautiful hand drawings and images for businesses and clients.

3d Modeler

3D Modeler

Depict 3D variations of images and surfaces.

Web Developer

Web Developer

Code and design web templates and sites for businesses and clients.

Software Developer

Software Developer

Design, program and build software, bots, apps and tools.

System Administrator

System Administrator

Configuration and reliable operation of servers and hosts.



Prepare extensive pieces of articles or texts for businesses and clients.

How it Works

What it's like to be a freelancer at DevRoom

How it Works

At DevRoom, you make your own hours. You can work as much as you want as long as you are able to meet our clients deadlines! There is no minimum commission amount required to stay with the team, you decide what commissions to work on.
Send clients any question related to their projects and quote those you would like to work on, through our easy-to-use system.
Once your quote(s) will be accepted, you will be able to start working with our clients directly on their tickets. A DevRoom assigned Commission Manager will assist you through the whole commission process.
The 85% of the total commission's value will be then automatically sent to your DevRoom balance once the commission is completed. You will be able to withdraw your funds through PayPal/bank transfer or spend them back on DevRoom at 0% fee!

Sounds interesting? Apply now!